“We love this book for its mindfulness factor, because gawd knows we could all do with some quiet downtime and a calmer relaxation activity than simply scrolling on TikTok for hours on end”

-Glamour Magazine

“There are many books that talk about the benefits of adopting and maintaining a positive attitude but this book is different … like sitting down with a trusted friend and mentor and having the secrets of the positive thinking finally revealed to you.”

-The Positivity Coach, Amazon Review

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The Power of Ancient Wellness: Traditional Remedies and Activities for Modern Living (Mind Body Spirit)

Gill is a member of the British Neuroscience Association, British Psychological Society and Association of Business Psychologists. She has lectured at several academic institutions as visiting professor & taught at retreats and cultural centres around the world.

Do you want to reduce stress, ease burnout, boost your energy and immunity but don’t know where to start? Look no further than the power of ancient wellness.

The ancient world moved to a different rhythm. It was slower, more mindful and closely attuned to nature. The result? A harmonious connection between mind, body and spirit. Learn the art of ancient healing: the perfect remedy for modern living.

Featuring over 25 nature-based activities, discover how to improve your sleep, boost your energy and treat everything from anxiety to the common cold and much more. Explaining the science behind what our ancestors knew intuitively, this essential companion will help you to create your own holistic toolkit to optimize your health and wellbeing, as well as overhaul your beauty regime.

Clear your mind with age-old breathwork techniques, restore balance in your body with the life-changing principles of Ayurveda and re-energise your soul with Reiki and more. From traditional tinctures to ancient superfoods, your healing journey starts now. Reconnect with the hidden secrets of our natural world and take care of yourself, the ancient way

Out now

Your 10-Minute Wellness Journal: Simple Exercises to Reconnect Your Mind, Body and Soul Paperback – 9 May 2024

Learn how to cultivate wellness by focusing on the connection between your mind, body, and soul. With quick and easy activities inspired by the natural world, as well as simple guided prompts, this thoughtfully crafted journal will help you to create a healthy balance in all aspects of your life and find your purpose.

By taking just 10 minutes a day, you can forge a better mind-body-soul connection. Gill Thackray, performance psychologist, will show you how to tune into yourself and unlock self-care strategies to create healthy habits and routines to honour yourself, from head to toe.

Whether you are wanting to feel energized again, or needing to find peace and calm, this essential companion will guide you towards your goals. You don’t need experience to get started, just pick up a pen and start your journey to wellness today.

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